Addicted To Popularity

You will always be
the one they don’t see
Maybe popularity
is the key?

Your life behind the screen
is exciting and fun
Counting all the likes
each and every one!

You are important
No doubt about that!
You have followers
from all over the map!

You built this
all on your own
Hard work and sacrifice!
Yet somehow
it doesn’t suffice…

On top of the mountain
I must remain
better than the rest
nowhere close to the same

Cannot lose my grip
become just a blip
a viral has-been
on the internet

Can they see
my crooked crown?
My fear
that makes no sound?

Must be better
than the best
Cannot afford
to ever rest

Addicted, I fear
to popularity
It’s like a drug
a shot of dopamine

I need it
to feel relevant
I need to feed
like an addict needs speed

But I must remember…

Those who dish it out
should harbor no doubt
that what they shovel
will come back double

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