To show what I am


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Spoiled Brat Bloggers

Some of you bloggers are obviously spoiled brats. Mama’s boys and daddy’s girls that got everything you wanted in life. So you took up blogging because someone, or a number of “ones,” told you that you were special. Maybe you wrote a poem in the third grade and it exceeded the expectations of everyone at the time. Well good for you pumpkin. I consider the fact that because all bloggers are different and come from all different aspects of life there are obviously “popular kids” that take up blogging. It is no longer the “sport” of the nerds, geeks, and introverts of the night. Now everyone wants to be a blogger…

10 Ways to Get New Followers

1. Stalk them online for months until you know everything about them. Then one day drop the bomb. Comment on their post, but tie everything in that they have ever said for the past year into one paragraph. You will impress the shit out of them… or scare the living shit out of them. Who wouldn’t love that?

June 25, 2015 at 8:19 PM
Because I’ve come across numerous reblogs of your posts and mentions of your name, I have checked out your blog on many occasions. Every time I did so, all I got was information about blogging and an attitude that came across as privileged. When someone thinks that most people are stupid and needy, to me that just means that this person is only looking on the surface of things. But because I care about Thumbup, and due to my overwhelming curiosity and unanswered questions about you, today I dug a little further.

By looking at posts under your Personal category, I learned that you did, in fact, grow up privileged. And that you’re a Republican. I guessed the first one, but I suppose if I had given it more thought, I would have also guessed the second.

But I also learned about the difficulties you faced as a Korean and an adoptee. What’s weird is that I can usually spot someone who has faced these sort of difficulties a mile away — it’s apparent in their writing and how they look at the world and the people in it. Most people who have been bullied or made to feel like an “other” don’t want anyone else to suffer like that.

At first I found it odd that your experiences haven’t appeared to make you more sympathetic or empathetic, but just the opposite. Then I viewed one of your vlogs. And perhaps it’s because I’m so much older than you that you appear so young, but I got the impression that your experiences have created more of a defensive nature. Which, of course, is understandable, and explains why I found many of your posts, I dunno, somewhat holier-than-thou.

It must feel good to be so popular, at least on WordPress. To have so many other bloggers like your posts and follow you. I hope you’re getting what you need to help you feel important and accepted. Good luck with your book.

Opinionated Man
June 25, 2015 at 8:30 PM
People reblog and share my posts because I do the same for them. It is what blogging is about, community. Nothing wrong with that. I am not popular, but thanks. Take care. -OM

June 25, 2015 at 9:04 PM
I didn’t say there was anything wrong with reblogging or sharing posts, but thanks for the lesson in what it means to be part of a community. And since you’ve worked so very hard to make your blog successful and popular — as you’ve mentioned in many of your posts — denying that part of it seems to be a pretense at being humble. And being humble isn’t one of your strong suits, although it is easy to fool some people.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be popular and working hard to achieve it. And now that you have, maybe you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of pretending they don’t exist. Take care, Johnna Stahl a/k/a painkills2, All Things Chronic.

June 25, 2015 at 9:28 PM
If I think he’s humble fine, ok and if you think he is not humble fine, ok.
Why be jumping in my face because of my opinion?
And why doing this to OM? He did nothing wrong? Using my post of him to do this?
The comment by you above? Never seen OM do anything like what you did.
Please if you have issues about the people who stop by, do it over at your site.
Please treat them with respect.
I will like and comment and make post about anybody I found here on wp, There is no certain groupie for me. It’s all and everybody.

June 25, 2015 at 10:10 PM
Jumping in his face? I love how you stand up for him, your true friend. Please feel free to delete all my comments, as I can’t do it myself. As I said, I hope you two will be very happy together.

June 25, 2015 at 10:21 PM
No. It stays.
It shows what you are.

9 thoughts on “To show what I am

  1. Jo, actually, I think it IS possible to delete your own comments if you want to. If you go into the drop down where you can still access the old editor post writing thing, there’s a section called Comments. You cam, I think, alter and or delete anything you’ve written on someone else’s page, as well as your own. I frequently use it to correct typos I’ve made. Not saying you should delete anything, just saying you can if you wanted to 🙂

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  2. Lol! Can’t find it now, of course! Can find the comments bit – there are two, one under My Site, one somewhere else, but they’re only showing edit ability for older ones, not the one I made above, which I wanted to change because I said cam instead of can…….shows what I know!

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better……I think some people can be a bit thoughtless, regardless of having otherwise good hearts. Bit silly to hold up one person’s Like against everyone else’s, really. I would have thought that risked alienating a ton of people. I still appreciate your Likes and comments, Jo! X

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  3. Interesting, kind ov, why would people be chasing followers tho? What is the point? Does it make one feel important to be followed by lots and lots of people? I obviously would not know and dont fully understand the need to draw in loads ov followers

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    • I guess it depends on how personally you want to interact with your followers. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with so many. I don’t travel from blog to blog and give out likes indiscriminately. I read a post before I like it. I prefer to get to know each follower rather than just collect them as trophies.

      I guess it also depends on what the goal is for your blog — if you blog for therapy, to help other people, or maybe just to be popular.

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  4. Here, as in the real world, there are tons of fragile ego’s wanting to command favour. My goal here is purely creative expression, healing, learning from others and offering encouragement/support. And above all, being kind. I don’t understand wanting popularity – all those expectation to fulfill, too daunting. Keep standing your ground against those bullies

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    • I think you and I are in the minority in thinking that Opinionated Man is a bully. But after reading a number of his posts, I just felt like he was talking down to me. Treating me (and his other readers) as if we were stupid. So, I psychoanalyzed him. If you talk down to people, you have to expect reciprocity… What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 🙂

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