To control spring break, Florida city bans beach drinking

In the middle of spring break this year, both the city and county adopted temporary emergency drinking bans on the beach and in parking lots after an apparently drugged young woman was gang raped in daylight in front of a crowd of spectators, an incident captured on videotape.

Two weeks later, seven young people were shot at a house party.

4 thoughts on “To control spring break, Florida city bans beach drinking

      • In Australia we have schoolies week at the end of the year which is when all the high school leavers go away and party., After a year of repression, the schoolies go crazy with alcohlic fuelled madness. Much of it is located at Surfers Paradise on the Queensland Gold Coast or a bit South in Byron Bay in NSW. aAlthough I went to Surders during Schoolies week myself more than 20 years ago, it has gone a bit crazy since then.

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        • I guess drinking alcohol is a type of right of passage for teenagers, regardless of the risks involved. But then being young is usually the time when people take the most risks.


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