An Awesome Woman in Barcelona


Longtime anti-eviction activist Ada Colau recently became the first female mayor of Barcelona, Spain. She has vowed to fine banks, stop evictions, expand public housing, improve wages, force utility companies to lower their prices and slash the mayoral salary. She has called bankers “criminals” and garnered support from the leftist Podemos party, which grew out of the populist Indignados Movement against economic austerity…

To KRQE News 13

painkills2 • a few seconds ago

Why can’t KRQE stop commenters like WiSe GuY? Is it because KRQE agrees with him?

Violence strikes Los Altos Skate Park again

WiSe GuY, 5 days ago: “Now, Mohammed, What does your Quran say about insulting infidels like myself? Have you beaten your woman according to Sharia Law? Or, have you raped children according to your Quran?”

And it’s not like this is his only offensive comment — there are too many count. What, exactly, is KRQE’s definition of “offensive”? What is your policy on allowing comments like this?

If this website continues to allow these kinds of public comments, I’ll be going somewhere else for my daily dose of local news — as I’m sure many others have already done.

painkills2 • in a few seconds
I’ve posted this comment on my blog, so everyone else can see it too.

Summer in Australia begins in December :)

Wikipedia:  Melbourne is also prone to isolated convective showers forming when a cold pool crosses the state, especially if there is considerable daytime heating. These showers are often heavy and can contain hail and squalls and significant drops in temperature, but they pass through very quickly at times with a rapid clearing trend to sunny and relatively calm weather and the temperature rising back to what it was before the shower. This often occurs in the space of minutes and can be repeated many times in a day, giving Melbourne a reputation for having “four seasons in one day” …