Pain Consultants of East Tennessee

Joe Browder, head of multidisciplinary pain management at Pain Consultants of East Tennessee, said there is a large problem with prescription drug abuse in this area, but his clinic uses a screening process with a psychologist first to asses addiction risk before moving onto other forms of treatment for pain.

“I want to work with law enforcement to get rid of the poor practices where bad decision making is being made and these blatantly criminal activities are going on,” Browder said…

Pershing said she believes the Prescription Drug Task Force is seeing results. She said providers in Knox County are writing fewer prescriptions overall…

Review: Pain Consultants Of East Tennessee

Jul 11, 2013
this place is a joke I made 3 trips . first a nurse . went back and passed urine sample I take my medication as prescribed from my family doctor which is a very good doctor . dr choo told me to wear a back brace and stay with my family doctor . he more or less told me the dea is cracking down I think he will not get any of my money any time soon . I filled my gas tank 3 times for 3 trips for him to tell me to wear a back brace? trust me I do take my meds like I am supposed to from my family doctor. they WILL NOT GET A PAYMENT FROM ME the $200 they charged my ins. will be contested trust me on that

Jul 11, 2013
PCET is, without a doubt, the safest, most stringent, strict, by the book clinic , in the area, hands down! Joe Browder is one of the best in the state, period! Whomever said he “will pump you on morphine”, total BS! I have a relative that has used this clinic since 99 and stayed with them at Baptist, and went with them to FSW and still with them at their new location!, if you’re looking for a bunch of drugs or a pill mill, save your time. They don’t work that way, thank God! You will have a urine check every visit, pill count and you will accept any surgery, therapy, etc …they recommend, or you’re out, no exceptions! Handles the problems before they get a chance to magnify and worsen!

Dec 18, 2013
This service is simply a legal pill mill – run like an assembly line. An assembly line that makes major mistakes the patient has to pay for the rest of their life. For me a drug screen that was put in my file with someone elses name and address. It was dirty and I had no recourse to this company removing me from their practice. Going there: fill out form, wait, see nurse aide, get rx (printed before you even get there) and leave. No exam, no doctor just go there, tow the line and leave with an rx. No other tx offered, specifically state they don’t want to hear about any other health, emotional health or social issues which can have major impact on pain and tx.
Simply legal drug dealer with a hefty dose of paternalistic humiliation thrown in for good measure.

May 18, 2014

I know of Browder and think he is an OK doctor. I saw him once . I was there in the mid’90’s and was dismissed for loosing 9 tablets. My fault…but I’ve been on these drugs for 25 years-HOW could you NEVER lose some, drop a few into the dishwasher or WHATEVER. I ACTUALLY went camping once and animals, I think skunks, dug my patches out and chewed two to bits! Shit happens.

When it does you are history. No exceptions, no excuses, no second chances. You are guilty and proof of innocence is irrelevant. At the same time they have a LOT of pressure from DEA and state agencies, especially in pill-ridden Tennessee, one of the hardest-hit states…

As it is you have thousands of people just in K-ville living in hell because they cannot get pain treatment for one reason or another. They may be sick but to be a candidate for pain treatment you must be “perfect”. How long can anyone pull that off. A year? Five? Eight? Sooner or later SOMETHING happens…or one of those two bitches mentioned above in Dr. B’s office will do the dirty work, dumping you because you have a “bad attitude”.

A pain clinic can rape, rob, humiliate, extort and molest a patient in any manner because that person is physically dependent on narcotics. You are theirs and they don’t care much about you…none, really. If you twitch they get scared. THIS is the situation, now and it is criminal. It isn’t any one parries fault but we must fix things or those in serious pain will snap…they have little to lose.

Nov 24, 2014

This place is a Nightmare. STAY away from it. NO help, after 8 months of asking for help. You’re a blank face, not even a number. I work in healthcare and this place is a JOKE!!!! STAY away!!!!

Jan 3 2015

was with Dr. Lucas then Dr. Browder for long time. Excellant for injections, however you will follow their contract to the letter which I understand. After 14 years was off count by 5 pills on two occasions having had an severe increase in my pain level. The only complaint I have is that I was basically scolded like a bad child from a nurse who saw me before the NP. She informed me that I would be p[laced under a disciplinary review for using up my drugs to soon… one month later I was discharged due to my so called breaking the contract. This is a good clinic but the staff all remain at a distance and at times can be distant and rather cold . If you are in anyway sensitive or looking for a show of human contact with understanding this is not the place you should go.

Feb 10 2014

I have had problems with my back for years. I have been on the same medicine for years. I haven’t had any pain meds because I am new to the area, took 2 months to get an appointment, to my amazement, I supplied empty med bottles, to prove what drug I was on, provided a drug test and listened to the PA. I was told I had to come back for a psychiatric visit, then after that, and only that, I would get another appointment to describe options. I have tried several options. Chiropractic, tens unit, spirals, and the hydrocortisone injections with no luck…

Rate Dr. James J. Choo

Aug 29 2012

Does not manage pain, He is only there to give pain injections. Was at least 1 hour late twice and never thought to apologize, staff was wonderful. Dr Choo never discussed pain management once or physical rehab. I would not recommend him to anyone in need of relief from extreme pain, not very helpful at all.

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