7 thoughts on “Your dog can make waves but don’t let him drink them

  1. this is probably all very true, and should be heeded by all doggie owners. but, i had a coonhound who was super high energy, and always up for anything. anyhow, he swam in a manmade lake most summer mornings and was never ill afterward. of course, he also ate a full chocolate cake cooling on the counter and never got sick either. probably still not good for him though…

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  2. the dog that swam and ate chocolate cake was my first dog, bandit, a coonhound (also a great hunter without ever being taught). the dog that ate the syrup and bacon and became ill was my second dog…sunshine, and she was so mild she didnt even ask to go out. thats why we were so surprised when she cleaned up the greasy dishes while we were gone, and so sick when we came back. now im on my third dog, chou, whose only flaw is she growls if you touch her anywhere but her head, usually only if it is warm inside (i think she gets too hot and becomes irritable). if you put the ac on, you can touch her without the growls usually.

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