Study: 50 hospitals mark-up their medical costs 1000%

They discovered 50 U.S. hospitals with what they say is the highest markup of prices over their actual costs. Their research shows these hospitals are charging out-of-network patients and the uninsured, as well as well as some insurers, more than 10 times the costs allowed by Medicare…

In other words, when a hospital paid $100 of Medicare-allowable costs, it turned around and charged $340.

Of the 50 hospitals with the highest mark-ups, 49 are for-profit hospitals and 46 are owned by for-profit health systems. One company in particular, Community Health Systems, Inc., operates 25 of the 50 hospitals on the list. Needless to say, it’s a highly profitable publicly traded company…

The researchers blame a combination of a lack of regulation of hospital charges in the U.S. and no market competition for what they term “price-gouging” that trickles down to nearly all consumers, whether they have health insurance or not…

Why am I not surprised that most of the hospitals on this list are in Florida?

3 thoughts on “Study: 50 hospitals mark-up their medical costs 1000%

    • It’s legal because there aren’t any laws on the books that say it’s illegal. It’s legal because the medical industry pays big bucks to politicians to keep it legal.


  1. healthcare is a NEED, not a Want. All people should be entitled to healthcare just because they are human. Healthcare should not be restricted only to those with money or expensive healthcare plans. Why are we, the USA, behind in this when already Canada and the UK have made this a part of their society? We, the USA, are supposed to be leaders in civilization, in modernity, etc. Why are we falling behind where others have already integrated free healthcare for all? Come on, America, get with the times! Give healthcare to everyone!

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