Discrimination against Oxy, because DEA


Debra Fisher said:  On Sunday, May 31, my 37 year old son’s heart stopped beating suddenly after taking a prescription for Trazadone [antidepressant] that his doctor had given him because his doctor is afraid to prescribe oxycontin because of the pressure from the DEA. My son has Acute Intermittent Porphyria which is a genetic condition that causes his liver to not function properly and many medications are dangerous for him especially the ones that contain acetaminophen. Oddly, his doctor says that the DEA will allow him to prescribe hydrocodone without fear of reprisal. He can even give my son a prescription for fentanyl. Both of these drugs are dangerous for my son to take and he really resists having to even have them. But, oxycontin, the one drug that he can safely take that relieves his pain from porphyria and from the horrific vehicle accident that he had in 2001, he can’t have because of the DEA. And, on Sunday, he nearly paid with his life because he can’t get the medication that he needs. Fortunately, the EMTs arrived in time to revive him…

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