You could profit from those annoying robo calls

Illegal robo calls and debt collector harassment targeting your cell phone are a pain, but a California technology company says they could be money in the bank.  PrivacyStar offers a free Android app that identifies incoming calls from a list of known debt collecting and telemarketing companies, giving users an easy option to block them. If they persist, the app provides economic opportunity.

Jonathon Sasse is chief marketing officer at PrivacyStar. He says the app is built around the protections contained in 2 laws – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

“There are some very specific things those 2 pieces of legislation do to protect consumers who are being harassed on their phones, Sasse told ConsumerAffairs. “The challenge is consumers are not aware of the laws and they are also not aware that both laws provide statutory compensation on a per call basis.”

Sasse says the laws provide for compensation up to $1,500 per illegal call. He says it can add up quickly if a consumer is being harassed…

15 thoughts on “You could profit from those annoying robo calls

  1. They constantly call me for stuff my ex did at work and on my cell. One lady said she was coming to my job and they were going to garnish my wages. They can’t do anything in Texas unless it’s for child support or a student loan. I was laughing. I have the message as proof.

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