Suicide Not Always Marked by Multiple Attempts

TORONTO — A majority of successful suicides had made no previous attempts and many had no established psychiatric diagnosis, researchers said here. In a small cohort, analyzed retrospectively, women were much more likely than men to have made previous attempts to kill themselves before eventually succeeding, according to Nisha Ramsinghani, DO, a psychiatry resident at the University of California Fresno.

That’s because more men than women use guns to commit suicide, and there’s nothing doctors can do for people who use guns, while women usually use drugs, and overdoses can be reversed.

And those with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder or substance abuse disorder were also likely to have tried suicide at least once before taking their own lives, Ramsinghani said in a presentation at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) annual meeting…

“We usually think that previous suicide attempts are a risk factor for completed suicide,” commented Gaurav Mehta, MBBS, of Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario in Canada, who was not part of the study but who moderated the APA session at which it was presented. “This study showed that was certainly not the case,” he said…

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