Be nice to your neighbors, or else

Most insureds are also not aware insurance companies can go knocking on their neighbors’ doors to obtain information about day-to-day activities. This is officially referred to as an “activities check” and can be quite disconcerting when “disability activities” are shared with neighbors. If a neighbor has an axe to grind with an insured, this is the time when it becomes apparent…

8 thoughts on “Be nice to your neighbors, or else

    • Are you sure? Maybe they don’t know you, but watch you just the same. And who doesn’t have an opinion about their neighbors, whether they know you or not? It’s gossip, used against the disabled because insurance companies can do whatever they want.

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  1. oh yes i knew about this and to be honest like you said if a neighbor has an axe to grind and ssid checks on you it could get ugly and i am sure it does…
    also herein like lupus most times you may look fine not have the rash on your face or chest or body but it is attacking your organs inside…just because one doesnt look sick doesnt mean one is not…we all know that saying and i get it a lot….also i can not be outside in the sun no matter what so they only see me get the mail and out to dr appointments or sitting on my big covered porch but look fine…they do not see how one feels inside or when you have to be on bed rest since your blood levels are really off and that you are hurting so bad….aww just fuck them all….lol

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