When a Pharmacist’s “moral compass” does not agree with a pt’s medical needs?


Brittany Cartrett claimed on Facebook that she’d recently suffered a miscarriage. Her doctor gave her two options to help her body rid itself of the non-viable fetus: an invasive surgical procedure known as a “D and C,” or a medicine that in some cases can induce abortion…

Brittany’s doctor phoned a prescription for Misoprostol to the Walmart Pharmacy in Midgeville, but was told that the pharmacist on duty would not fill the prescription…

Other states have similar laws that allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions based on their personal beliefs; however, most of those other states have a clause added to the law requiring the pharmacy to have a backup pharmacist on-call to fill the prescription, so the patient won’t have to go to other pharmacies for their medicine. Georgia’s law does not have such a clause...

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