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Wikipedia:  Mayotte is an overseas department and region of France. It consists of a main island, Grande-Terre (or Maore), a smaller island, Petite-Terre (or Pamandzi), and several islets around these two. The archipelago is located in the northern Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Southeast Africa, between northwestern Madagascar and northeastern Mozambique.

Fibromyalgia and Anemia


If you have been feeling particularly exhausted lately, it is possible that fibromyalgia isn’t the only culprit behind your fatigue. Many fibromyalgia patients also suffer from anemia, a blood disorder that can cause extreme fatigue and a variety of other complications…


A study published in 2010 showed a significant difference in serum ferritin (iron) levels between healthy people and those with fibromyalgia. Researchers concluded that low iron created a 6.5-fold increase to the risk of fibromyalgia…



Fibromyalgia Associated with Higher Rate of Iron Deficient Anemia (2009)

Byron’s Comments:  More evidence linking low iron and pain.

Unum – The History of Roundtables


Interestingly, attendees at roundtables included all of Unum’s “business interests” in making sure claims were terminated including, in-house physicians, vocational reps, RNs, impairment managers and consultants, claims specialists and of course Unum attorneys. Unum counsel often attended roundtables causing the meeting to be “client privileged” which is why records and documentation of roundtables was rarely found in claim file copies…

Functional Capacity Evaluations


Functional Capacities Evaluations (FCE) have the potential of causing further injury because of the lifting, kneeling, stooping, and stress test aspects it includes. In fact, the purpose of a FCE is to measure functional capacity and physical endurance. It is for this reason that most Physical Therapy facilities that perform FCEs require written prescriptions from physicians before they administer evaluations…

Doctors don’t like being evaluated


Medicare Is Stingy in First Year of Doctor Bonuses
Out of 1,010 groups evaluated, only 14 are getting payment increases.

Losers also are scarce. Only 11 groups will be getting reductions for low quality or high spending…

“Without having any indication that this is improving patient care, they just keep piling on additional requirements,” said Dr. Mark Donnell, an anesthesiologist in Silver City, N.M. Donnell said he only reports a third of the quality measures he is expected to. “So much of what’s done in medicine is only done to meet the requirements,” he said.

The new financial incentive for doctors, called a physician value-based payment modifier, allows the federal government to boost or lower the amount it reimburses doctors based on how they score on quality measures and how much their patients cost Medicare. How doctors rate this year will determine payments for more than 900,000 physicians by 2017…