View From Inside The Slide

I suppose you have to be pretty bored to do something like this.  Bored and/or drunk.  Not thinking about anybody but yourself.  And it’s the same asshole who can’t spell.  Seriously, this is ridiculous.

(Photo taken 4/17/2015, Series #7 of 7.)

Blue Graffiti

(Photo taken 4/17/2015, Series #3 of 7.)

Jordan Reese McConeghy, 24, of Brooklyn was arrested Wednesday after a year-long investigation in connection to multiple graffiti incidents, police said. The latest was Feb. 12, when someone spray painted graffiti on two Metrorail cars in the West Falls Church yard. McConeghy was also arrested in 2014 in Maryland for destruction of property and trespassing at the Shady Grove yard. In that case, the man agreed to pay Metro $6,832.73 for damages, Metro said.

Metro officials say McConeghy defaced Metrorail cars, prompting the agency to pull the graffiti-painted cars out of service and costing Metro thousands of dollars in repairs. The damage from the February incident was estimated at $5,400, the agency said. Photos provided by Metro show the cars spray painted with the tags “SMYL” and “EHC.”

“This arrest is the result of a year’s worth of intense investigation and solid detective work,” said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik. “We hope this arrest sends a strong message to anyone who would consider defacing Metro property.”

If convicted, the man could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500, police said.