Come And Get It!

Brown sugar sour cream pound cake (with chocolate chips, of course).  Recipe found on the back of a package of King Arthur flour.

Lisa’s having a blog party :)

I’m bringing Tabasco… well, what’s left of it.  (Photo taken 2/22/2015.)

I also made some brown sugar and sour cream pound cake today (with chocolate chips, of course).  It’s a little under-done (because that’s how I like it) and not that pretty, but it tastes great. (Photo to come.)

Republican Governor vetoes bill to allow hemp research

Gov. Martinez vetoed a bill to open industrial hemp production for New Mexico farmers. The non-THC form of hemp makes great clothes, rope and lots of other useful widgets, but don’t dig out your knitting needles, yet. That’s too bad since the industry promised a heap of new jobs AND can be grown with almost no water, something New Mexico farmers were happy to hear…

Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed a Senate bill that would have allowed for home deliveries of beer and wine.  The bill, sponsored by Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, would have allowed deliveries of two six packs of beer and two bottles of wine with certain food orders.

That veto message already has some raising an eyebrow since Martinez is well known to enjoy a few drinks with and after dinner. She, of course, has an armed State Police detail to drive her to/from the restaurant and liquor store…