Fulton County GA … sues drug wholesalers for legally selling drug to pharmacies.



A conglomerate of companies supplying and distributing prescription drugs in Fulton County and throughout the state of Georgia under the brand name of Cardinal Health Companies, McKesson Corporation and AmeriSourceBergen Drug Corporation are being sued by Fulton County for allegedly causing injuries and engaging in a course of conduct that violates Georgia law…

The prescription drug distribution system is a sprawling one that involves approximately 800 companies that sell billions of pills annually [to 320 million Americans] as stated in the complaint presented to the court. In 2012, sales of prescription painkillers in the United States reached $8.5 billion according to industry reports according to court documents…

How about counter-suing the state of Georgia for inadequately supporting mental health services?  Or for refusing to legalize medical marijuana?  Or for forcing pain patients to do stuff like this:


How about counter-suing insurance companies for refusing to cover treatments for addiction and chronic pain? Counter-suing Big Pharma for their own products?

How about suing Georgia pharmacies for refusing to fill prescription medications, which then supports the underground drug market?


Four states—Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and South Dakota—have passed laws allowing pharmacists to “opt out” of filling prescriptions they find morally objectionable…


This civil action has requested that the Court issue a temporary and permanent injunction which will mandate the defendants to inform the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy of all suspicious orders for controlled substances; direct the defendants to submit their system of determining suspicious drug orders; and enjoin defendants from distributing in Georgia any controlled substance for illegitimate medical purpose.

It appears that the purpose of this lawsuit is to support PDMPs, along with reimbursing the state of Georgia for being unable to provide adequate health care.

Under comments:

Peon, on April 6, 2015 at 5:46 pm said:
If a pharmacy fills legitimate prescriptions and a wholesaler sells to the pharmacy, then where is a law being broken? If there are bad docs, pill mills, then who is responsible for that problem? Who gives these docs a license to write prescriptions for narcotics? I think they should be suing the DEA for not doing their job.

How about suing the State Medical Board for inadequately supervising its doctors?

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