Sadly (and dryly), there hasn’t been much rain this year.





I don’t have a view in my new apartment, and while I love the view I have here, it’s hard to enjoy it while looking at all the trash.


Photo taken 3/17/2016.


Photo taken 2 days later.


4 thoughts on “A Year Ago

  1. This housing complex should take better care of the place yard and not stand for it… I would make the workers go through the trash and look at the mail and fine them dirty job but you must enforce it or it will get out of hand and not one person will want to live there… and lucky for you, you get to move to a better and nicer place that you can call home with out the bs I hope for you gurl..
    Put your desk in front of the living room window ? this is where I have my desk here at dads well in the bedroom in front of that window lol so I can stare off and watch all the wonderful nature animals and watch as cars go by …
    We have had enough rain here… they guys have already mowed our place and dads place 2 times already…
    Oh off subject the one Dr I am having problems with I believe she is trying to get rid of me >>>sad face : ( Not hardly .. Well my dermatologist called me today and I only see her when I have the lupus rash going on or things like that … Well I got a call from her saying that Dr fucktard wanted us to call you to set up an appointment with us about your arthritis and lupus …Hmm I do believe that is the other Dr job but anyways I do need to see her for other reason like lupus rash and a sore in my ear and out and one next to my mouth but she is a dermatologist and the other is for arthritis and fibro so I believe she is trying to stop seeing me so maybe this will be a blessing in disguise where I won’t have to tell the poor excuse for a MD that I no longer want to be taken care of by her (or lack of care )
    Also they set up a longer time so I could talk to her in depth about all my care that has been going on and I do like this Dr she is gentle and takes the time to explain things to you….So let’s hope this is a step forward…
    Also if I am not feeling better I mean as good as to be expected with everything I will make an appointment with my regular MD very soon and he can run some test or what ever needs to be done to figure out what seems to be the problems since I feel it is more than just lupus and fibro I have a lot of issues going on all at once for awhile that is one reason I have not posted my blog that I have been working on…well gurl again so fucking happy for you and getting a new home for you… : )
    Sorry to always hit your page so long with a comment but it just shows how much I love ya lol….

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