Captured and Interviewed by Aliens

Saturday Evening Interview 3-19-16

They arrived on a ship that suspiciously looked like a jet.

12DSC01830 (2)

This whole time, I thought they were trees, when they were actually interstellar beings.

01DSC01831.0 (2)

02DSC01852.0 (2)

Their ship arrived, almost on top of me.

03DSC01840.0 (2)

What I’m trying to tell you is, the alien ship was shaped like a tree.

DSC01846.0 (2)

And the ship looked just like the aliens.

04DSC01843 (2)

05DSC01835.0 (2)

The aliens tried to seduce me with blooming flowers…

05DSC01791 (3)

06DSC01817 (3)

07DSC01821 (3)

Then they tried to hypnotize me with beautiful colors…


I soon found out that the aliens knew about my obsession with balls — when they couldn’t hypnotize me with flowers and colors, they brought out the moon.

09DSC01849 (2)

10DSC01848 (2)

11DSC01849 (5)

Look at the moon, they chimed in unison. Answer all of our questions and we’ll let you go, they said.


I was tired, so I just gave in.

15DSC01820 (2)

I answered all of their questions truthfully, except for one…

16DSC01820 (5)

The aliens are like, why do you crop so much?

17DSC01820 (4)

I just told them it was because I don’t have the best eyesight. That’s kinda true, but not really. 🙂

18DSC01822 (4)

19DSC01830 (4)

That’s what happened. Lisa was there. She’ll tell you. The aliens made me do it. 🙂

(Photos taken this week.)

Trump got star on Hollywood Walk of Fame before Dr. Seuss

(2007) The unveiling of the 2,327th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honored Donald Trump, the producer of NBC’s The Apprentice, billionaire [and failed] developer [misogynist, bankruptcy abuser, and scam artist]…

His mother Henrietta Seuss is credited with inspiring his love of poetry. She worked in a bakery and would sing him to sleep in his childhood with her “pie-selling chants”.

Seuss was his mother’s maiden name, and he started to use it as a pseudonym at university. After being caught with gin in his dorm room and being asked to step down as editor of Dartmouth’s humor magazine, he wrote under the pen-name Seuss to avoid the ban.

His first book, “And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was rejected 27 times before it got published by Vanguard Press in 1937 following a chance encounter with a friend, who was working with the same press, on the street.

He was honored posthumously with the 2,249th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 11, 2004…

America is messed up.

After the CDC guidelines…

Jett Ward · Troy, Ohio
I had three wisdom teeth pulled and the dentist would not give me anything. Told me to take some Tylenol…

People already avoid the dentist, mostly because of cost, but what do you think will happen when more people realize that dentists are refusing to treat the pain from dental work? Surgeons refusing to treat pain after a certain number of days after surgery? All the healthcare insurance coverage in the world will not provide better outcomes for a large population who refuses to even seek treatment.

Whatever good Obamacare has brought is now destroyed by the CDC (and FDA).

Carole Dunn · SUNY Empire State
I have to look at this from the perspective of people who are in horrific pain. For two years I had nothing but bone on bone in my left hip. I was prescribed opioids that barely took the edge off the pain. I had days where I couldn’t walk at all, but I was never able to get the amount of medicine I actually needed. I had thoughts of suicide a lot. I was finally able to get my hip replaced after doctors repeatedly told me the pain was coming from my back. After the operation the pain meds were so inadequate I couldn’t do the physical therapy. The physical therapists realized I was not adequately medicated and they convinced the pain management specialist to give me adequate meds so I could do the necessary exercises. They said it was a common problem with patients who were in terrible pain and were so inadequately medicated they couldn’t participate.

They talk about people overdosing, but no one talks about the suicides of people who are denied the help they need because of the drug laws and doctors using a one size fits all approach. One of my neighbors killed himself by using his electric drill on his head…