Liar, liar, pants on fire

“On another note, our porters are still employed and are on a schedule to get to every area each week. I will definitely have them do a more thorough job around your area, since you have reported that the area has been rough with regards to trash and other debris.” Kara Buchman (my landlord) on 2/1/2016.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve complained about the litter in this apartment complex. And while searching for an apartment, I couldn’t help but notice that other apartment complexes don’t have this problem.

The following photos were taken after 2/1/2016.

01DSC01021 (3)

Oh, Cracker Jacks, I miss you so…

02DSC01047 (2)

03DSC01043 (2)

DSC01030 (2)


Hey, Wendy’s, bring back the good french fries.


Because Cheese is a good reason for just about anything (except littering).

06DSC01308 (2)


08DSC01018 (2)

Photo taken 2/22/2016.


Photo taken 2/23/2016. (Yes, it’s the same cup.)


11DSC01072 (2)

12DSC01040 (3)



15DSC01190 (2)

DSC01060 (4)

Glad to see my neighbors are enjoying life.

DSC01271 (2)

Dude, where you at?

DSC01264 (2)

Make all of us smile by not littering.