It’s Getting Harder to Pay the Rent in America

It’s been more than 15 years since Congress increased funding for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, the government’s primary method for encouraging construction of affordable housing…

There are 3.9 million low-income households that lack access to affordable housing, according to Cantwell’s office. Just as troubling, the number of U.S. households spending 50 percent of their income on rent could increase to 15 million by 2025…

Rental housing often gets short shrift from politicians, at least compared with proposals to promote home ownership…

So many tax breaks revolve around home ownership (and marriage), something tens of millions of renters (and singles) will never be able to take advantage of (we always get screwed).

Tumbleweed Invasion 2016

While part of the country suffers through a spring blizzard, here in New Mexico, we had a drop in temperature of about 10 degrees, along with some pretty strong winds.

On Thursday, the winds were clocked at above 40 mph, shaking my car as I drove to Dairy Queen. (I’m weak.) I also drove through a brief tumbleweed storm, glad that I was safe inside my car. (Tumbleweeds are not friendly creatures.)


DSC01956 (2)




It’s hard to take a photo of a tumbleweed tumbling (this isn’t my first attempt).

DSC01939 (2)

That’s me, a tumbleweed. 🙂

DSC01957 (2)

Friday afternoon, I took a break from cleaning to take a walk. As I was leaving my apartment, I saw the grounds crew leaving with a truck full of tumbleweeds. Of course, they didn’t get them all:


Can you see the heart?

DSC02023 (2)

Can you see it now?

DSC02023 (5)

Throughout my walk, I’m disgusted by more trash.


Every time I turned a corner, more trash.

DSC02026 (2)

Some left by the grounds crew?


While some of the trash in front of my building was picked up, for some reason, not all of it:

DSC01999 (2)

Peppermint liqueur.

DSC01975 (3)

Do you think anyone reads the “government warning” label?

DSC01975 (2)

Do you see a warning label on these beverages?

DSC01974 (2)



Plastic, plastic, everywhere.


DSC01976 (2)

Cannabis is so much more environmentally friendly than alcohol. When you smoke a joint, you re-use the roach (or pipe or bong), so there’s very little waste to throw away. Bud is kept in jars or baggies, which I always re-use.

DSC01993 (2)


I just don’t know what to think about stuff like this…


Except that man’s obsessions with destruction and fire appear to be alive and well.

DSC01992 (3)

DSC01992 (5)

Let’s think about something else…

DSC01998 (2)

DSC02001 (3)

DSC01971 (3)


DSC01987 (3)

When I got back home from my walk, more trash greets me (among the flower petals from my tree):


The last maintenance guy (a contractor) who visited my apartment said they weren’t getting paid, so I’m assuming that the sloppy jobs performed by the contractors my landlord hires are due to low or no pay.

After living in apartments all of my life, one thing I’ve noticed is that when management no longer cares, the trash gets out of hand. When I was searching for an apartment, this is a red flag that I looked for. Fortunately, I didn’t find any other complexes with this kind of problem.

Good thing I have dilly bars. 🙂