Federal Government Advises Doctors Against Testing Patients for Marijuana


As part of its plan to change the healthcare community’s cavalier attitude towards the distribution of dangerous prescription painkillers, the federal government has advised physicians across the United States to stop testing their patients for marijuana.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated set of guidelines for prescribing opioids to patients suffering from chronic pain. Buried inside the language of this attempt to put a leash on the prescription painkiller epidemic, the CDC urged doctors to modify their drug screening policies in an effort to prevent those testing positive for THC metabolites from being disqualified from treatment.

Although the agency wrote that it still believes urine testing is necessary to discover any “undisclosed use” of illicit substances, it specifically states that this rule no longer applies to THC…

Although passing a drug test is not usually a prerequisite for an initial prescription to painkillers, patients who end up passing through the corridor from the family doctor to a pain management clinic are often held to a higher standard in order to continue receiving these medications. Typically, these patients are required to test free of any illegal substances, including medical marijuana, before being allowed to participate and/or continue in a pain treatment plan.

However, the latest CDC guidelines suggest that this old philosophy leads to “stigmatization” and “inappropriate termination of care,” which inevitably creates additional hardships for those patients in need of these types of treatment programs…

6 thoughts on “Federal Government Advises Doctors Against Testing Patients for Marijuana

  1. Hmmmmmm……….
    Well if I did not have to take a urine test at random and have to pass it to get my medication Then I know I would try weed for my pain and not these chemicals that god only knows what they are doing to my fucking unhealthy system… It’s a natural weed that has been growing before the land of the lost and helps with pain and other benefits but I can’t use it for the risk of being kicked out and reported …Oh I would rather weed up puff, puff pass than pop a pill in hopes that it works …grrrr the fucking system…

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  2. This gives a strong hint as to who is behind the CDC’s agenda. The insurance companies no longer want to pay the exorbitant costs of pain medicine or urinalysis testing which doctors have thoroughly abused and exploited for profit, so the CDC attacks both in what seems to be a contradictory position of claiming to want to reduce drug abuse while disavowing the primary (if largely useless) means doctors use to identify it. People will still get pain meds if they can afford to pay out of pocket for them but the insurance companies won’t pay for them or the urinalysis tests doctors use to pad their bills as the CDC has disclaimed both.

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    • The ACA has given insurance companies a lot more power and influence — taking away even more power from doctors. Seems like the one with the most power is the federal government, leader of the drug war. I’d say we’re all fucked.

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