Et tu, Guardian?

I’m surprised The Guardian published such a one-sided article. It’s like Kolodny from PFROP wrote it himself.

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hang3xc fortetoo 2d ago

They have stopped paying for pain meds too. Everyone I know has had problems since the first of the year. My insurance company (BCBS) had been paying for my pain meds since I got hurt in 1992. Jan 1st 2016 they denied payment. My doctor called and gave them everything they wanted yet they still denied me. Again, this is something I have been stuck with for 24 years, but NOW it is a problem? … As it is, my monthly prescription, which cost $20-$30 per month NOW costs me $250…

Addiction clinics masquerading as pain clinics

There’s a “pain clinic” at the University of New Mexico run by Dr. Joanna Katzman, which I’ve written about before:

Dr. Katzman never confirmed to me that this clinic doesn’t prescribe pain medications, but just as I surmised, it’s true:

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(3/15/2016) CDC Opioid Guidelines Released

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Teresa Crisman
March 16, 2016 at 1:08 pm
I was correct in my assumption that my dr. would discontinue my pain meds today. Right about that, but not right about the reason. She walked in saying They (group of drs, one clinic) couldn’t be my provider anymore. She said I was ” Doctor shopping”. I was stunned and told her it was not true! After claiming I filled a Rx in my village which has no pharmacy, after I said not true again, she showed me a pharmacy print out with some other drug dispensed to me, and again I said not true, asked her to call the NP who supposedly ordered it. I finally figured out it was when my NP had ordered cough syrup in Dec. So, now I am labeled as a fricken doctor shopper and have been cut off from all narcotics without any support. I am not stupid, I have to be physically addicted and its gonna be rough the next few days. Then add my pain will keep me bed bound.

UNM pain clinic can’t see me sooner than Oct., I called to attempt to get in sooner and told the nurse why. The real shocker came when I found out Univ. of New Mexico pain clinic DOESN’T PRESCRIBE OPIATS!!! My startled exclamation “What the h###l do you do then?”, will not help my case. so very tired…..