A 7-year-old Michigan girl with “a bright future ahead” is dead and her mother is in serious condition after police allege that a family friend shot them both and then himself after soccer practice Thursday night.

Emma Watson Nowling was shot in the head in the parking lot of the Taylor Sportsplex and died later the same night…  Her mother, 37-year-old Sharon Elizabeth Watson, remains in serious condition at an area hospital, according to the statement…

In 2011, most Oregon firearm deaths were suicides (76 percent)…

In Portland, three women were killed by their husbands or ex-husbands who then turned the gun on themselves. One was Maria Soumphonpackdy, 42, shot dead two days after she filed for divorce and a restraining order against her husband… Nicolette Elias, 46, was killed by her ex-husband in her home after she got restraining and stalking orders against him and he agreed in court to limited supervised visits with their two daughters. One Portland father shot his 4-year-old daughter and then killed himself…

November marked the deadliest month in Oregon for domestic violence homicides: Seven women were killed in five counties. Two of the suspects killed themselves. At least three of the deaths occurred in a home with children present. Five involved firearms, according to testimony before state lawmakers last month…

4 thoughts on “Guns, guns, everywhere…

  1. I strongly believe that gun law has to be overhauled. It is archaic and represents the real fears of the early settlers. Who the hell needs an automatic weapon unless they are in uniform? There was a terrible school tragedy in Scotland (like Sandy Hook) and gun law was changed dramatically. You are brave for speaking out. Here in Texas people will bite your head off if you dare to talk change.

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