Maybe religion should be invisible


Members of the St. Columbia-Brigid Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, NY suffered a serious crisis of faith after their pastor posted a “shocking” message on the church’s sign last week.

“Jesus had two dads,” it read, “and he turned out just fine.”

A photo of the sign quickly began circulating on social media, attracting negative attention from other Catholics all around the world who felt it promoted same-sex parenting.

As a result of the controversy, the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo’s offices were bombarded with phone calls “from around the world, from callers protesting the contents of the sign,” a spokesperson said. The church’s online guestbook was also targeted, with people calling the sign “an abomination,” “blasphemous,” “heretical” and “an outrageous mockery of the Catholic faith.”

When word got back to Reverend Roy T. Herberger that his 10-word sign had literally caused an international outcry, he quickly took it down. In an interview with Buffalo News, Herberger said the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that he never intended to promote a “pro-homosexual” message.

“I just Googled ‘funny church signs,’” he said, adding that he thought the message was about fathers and stepfathers, not gay dads…

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