Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Cup of Coffee

Maybe you’re a coffee-shop junkie or a cold-brew devotee. Or maybe you prefer to keep it old school with a trusty drip coffeemaker. However you consume it, if you’re among the 59 percent of Americans who drink coffee, that java buzz after downing a cup is probably familiar to you.

But chances are, you aren’t aware of the extent to which this beverage can affect nearly your entire body (from your eyes to your blood) within minutes post-sip. We took a look at how a cup of coffee affects the system right after you drink it — and some of what we found is pretty astounding…

Caffeine is a psychoactive compound that modulates these neurotransmitters, allowing them to operate more efficiently. “As a result, the brain is able to better process chemical messengers,” Leavey explains to Yahoo Health. “When used in moderation, coffee gives you an edge.” You’ll begin to feel more mentally alert after about 30 minutes, and the effects wear off a few hours later…

What Happens to Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Beer

While any health expert will tell you that binge-drinking alcohol is bad for your heart, the study showed that among men with coronary artery disease, drinking a single 12-ounce beer per day for a month may help reduce the risk of a heart attack. The reason: Beer is full of antioxidants (who knew?) and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Animal research also suggests that an ingredient in the sudsy stuff may boost brainpower. A study published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research found that a type of flavonoid in beer called xanthohumol could improve cognitive function…

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