Bye-bye 420 highway sign

For reasons that continue to remain murky, pot smokers have long co-opted the number 420 as code for, well, pot. These days there are 420 festivals, usually on April 20, and a lot of weed gets puffed at 4:20 p.m. (and maybe a.m., too) on that day. Enthusiasts love the numeric sequence so much that they often pilfer highway signs marking the 420th mile along various roads across the country, then do who knows what with them.

No more in Idaho, though. Transportation officials decided to give an inch and take a mile marker, replacing the 420 sign on Highway 95 with “419.9.”

One thought on “Bye-bye 420 highway sign

  1. The 419.9 sign will be even more wildly popular, and will no doubt be a collectors item one day. Some official in Idaho just figured out a way to make himself a few bucks. No doubt he will keep a few “extra” of these signs in his garage for the day when they sell for thousands 🙂

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