Windy Dreams

Not dressed for work
Not dressed for the ball
Not dressed for really
anything at all

Pain has a dress code
all of its own
No pajamas in public
so I stay home

Lots of elastic
to keep clothes in place
Lots of elastic
which Pain really hates

I should move to Hawai’i
Wear muumuus all day
Watch the surf and the sea
Let the breeze have its way

No underwear for me
on the beach of my dreams
Just the ultimate freedom
from elastic tyranny

(Photo taken yesterday.)

Study finds dementia now starts much earlier

Doctors in the UK treating cognitive decline recently made a startling discovery: their patients are getting younger.

Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia usually show up when people are in their 60s, but doctors providing information for the Young Dementia UK charity say they have begun to treat patients in their 40s and 50s.

Researchers at Bournemouth University believe “modern life” may be mostly to blame. They studied adults in 21 Western countries and found that the problem was most severe in the U.S. They believe that environmental problems like pollution and pesticides could be at fault…

This Guy Stopped A Suicidal Man From Jumping With Three Simple Words

How do you react when you spot a complete stranger sat on the edge of a bridge? …

Well, Irish teenager, Jamie Harrington, ignored the keep-yourself-to-yourself nature that a lot of today’s society seems to have adopted and he was able to save a man’s life simply by asking these three words: “Are you okay?”

After stopping the jump, he then spent 45 minutes persuading the man to seek treatment in hospital, which he did. This story also has a truly happy ending, as the would-be jumper is now expecting a baby boy with his wife; whom they shall name after Jamie…

One VA doctor’s cure for opiate overprescription: diagnose first

At the Bronx VA, a bustling urban hospital eight subway stops from Yankee Stadium, Klingbeil said while the result of her department’s strategy has been a sharp reduction in opiate prescriptions, there is no crusade to cut the use of painkillers. Instead, she says, she focuses on improving the patient’s quality of life, and often that means cutting or reducing opiate intake.

“It’s hard to live and function on opiates, and in the end they stop relieving pain, too, or you end up needing more to feel the same pain relief,” Klingbeil said. To be on opiates is “to be trapped in a cycle of poor function and poor pain control.”

When new patients come to the Bronx pain clinic, they get diagnosed. If the cause of their pain is something that requires a medical procedure such as surgery, that is the first step. Klingbeil says many patients come in with years of high-dose opiate intake but no diagnosis of what is causing the pain…

Back injuries are one of the most common causes of chronic pain among veterans, so Klingbeil and her colleagues at the Bronx VA instituted a “back school,” an intensive program of four two-hour sessions, where patients learn exercises they can do at home to strengthen muscles in their back and relieve pain.

Patients are often referred to accupuncture, chiropracty and Reiki, a Japanese laying of hands technique to relieve stress. Soon they’ll add swim therapy…

She says she doesn’t keep up to date on a lot her patients because many simply don’t have the need to come back to the hospital after they get a comprehensive pain management program.

“The results have been astonishing.”

Astonishing results with surgery, acupuncture, and Reiki? That would be amazing. Have these results been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal?

“The fact that patients in both groups showed improvements suggests the presence of a nonspecific therapeutic effect,” wrote the authors, led by Paul Dougherty, DC, a staff chiropractor at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center in upstate New York…

Chiropractic care began being offered at a limited number of VAMCs in 2004; in 2009, VHA issued a directive to further integrate chiropractic care into the healthcare system based on congressional action. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), that care is now provided at 47 major VA treatment facilities…

One veteran’s wife said, “the VA treats people on pain meds like the new lepers.” …