“I am fed up!”


(1 day ago) Someone from Newport News, VA writes:  … CVS now has a rule that pain meds cannot be picked up at night even though they are 24 hours. I was told it was for their protection but they can’t tell me what from…

rocko g. from Cleveland, OH writes:  my son been on pain meds for several yrs and today the DEA shut his DR down due to employee mistakes on record keeping. no other dr would help him causing him to go into a seizures.

(2 days ago) Tracy B. from Saint Petersburg, FL writes:  … I sit here and contemplate suicide because I must live with unrelenting pain because the government thinks they know best. I am only 55 years old

Kelly M. from Joliet, IL writes:  BECAUSE no Dr will help me with pain control I have been bedridden / wheelchair bound for over two years. Which has caused heart, musculoskeletal , Neurological and blood pressure problems. If I had help with my pain when I needed it from the beginning I wouldn’t be in as much pain as I am today, and living my entire life in my bed.

Rosemarie B. from Evans City, PA writes:  My doctor is so against treating my documented pain disorder that even when I was discharged from the hospital he REFUSED to follow my discharge instructions. I now have a bleeding stomach ulcer from trying to treat my pain with OTC nasids.

(6 days ago) Pam C. from Howell, NJ writes:  I am fed up! I have been signing this petition for a year now. When the hell is something going to change! I can’t take this pain anymore…  I want to call my dr out and tell him he’s a liar, after ive been with him for years, a man I grew to trust and I thought really cared thru his compassion. Yes, i could tell him and move onto a trustworthy dr who isnt afraid to treat a patient, but that’s the problem…  Before finding the dr I’m with, I called all over NJ, every pain Dr. around. As soon as you say what meds you are on, you immediately are treated like a drug addict looking for pills. Then you are either hung up on, told they don’t treat with opiods, told they aren’t taking patients, and the best was being told to “get off pills and go to rehab.” Who the hell is anyone to judge me…