This Guy Stopped A Suicidal Man From Jumping With Three Simple Words

How do you react when you spot a complete stranger sat on the edge of a bridge? …

Well, Irish teenager, Jamie Harrington, ignored the keep-yourself-to-yourself nature that a lot of today’s society seems to have adopted and he was able to save a man’s life simply by asking these three words: “Are you okay?”

After stopping the jump, he then spent 45 minutes persuading the man to seek treatment in hospital, which he did. This story also has a truly happy ending, as the would-be jumper is now expecting a baby boy with his wife; whom they shall name after Jamie…

4 thoughts on “This Guy Stopped A Suicidal Man From Jumping With Three Simple Words

  1. This is very true because all you need to do is go to any hospital, VA or not, and so many sad faces. How many maladies are due in large part to the lack of those ‘three words?’ And how hard is that to ask? Rather than a pill or negativity how about those words and maybe if they need, to hold them as a baby without recrimination or suspicion. On our deathbed we will get the reality of mortality and it is there where we get a sense of ourselves.

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  2. A lot of veterans sit lonely at a VA. Their families have dropped them off for their checkups and there they sit. Like with the feeling that is how it feels to be dead. They get picked and more of the same. Some abused, some just generally despairing. And making matters many are in fear of the caregivers and more accurately administrators who keep a watchful eye, all too ready to turn them in as mentally unstable in a place where vets are more pitied than looked at after. The administrations who make the word suicide a kiss of death where those simple words: :How are you today and mean it?

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  3. We have to be grateful for such random wonderful acts of compassion.

    I was once in the parking lot of a drugstore, hunched over the wheel, crying my eyes out (I’m sure you can imagine way) when I suddenly heard a knock on the window. A lady walking by had stopped to ask if I was alright. Her kindness renewed my faith in mankind enough to shake me out of my despair.

    She’ll never know how grateful I was/am for her concern.

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