List of drugs dropped by CVS’s PBM

Pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, which administer drug benefits for employers and health plans and also run large mail-order pharmacies, have been challenging the rising cost of new medications. When drugs are knocked off their formularies, patients may have to pay full price for them. PBMs often keep or dump a product depending on whether they can obtain favorable pricing…

Here is the full list of drugs dropped by CVS, according to CNN:
Abilify (antipsychotic)
Amitiza (irritable bowel disease)
Avonex (multiple sclerosis)
Bydureon (diabetes)
Carac (dermatology)
Cardizem (high blood pressure)
Clobetasol spray (dermatology)
Clobex spray (dermatology)
Cymbalta (depression)
Diovan (high blood pressure)
Exforge, including Exforge HCT (high blood pressure)
Extavia (multiple sclerosis)
Fluorouracil cream 0.5% (dermatology)
Fortesta (testosterone replacement)
Fosrenol (kidney disease)
Incruse Ellipta (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Intuniv (ADHD)
Invokameet (diabetes)
Invokana (diabetes)
Matzim LA (high blood pressure)
Monovisc (monovisc)
Noritate (dermatology)
Plegridy (multiple sclerosis)
Qsymia (anti-obesity)
Relistor (gastrointestinal)
Valcyte (anti-infective)
Viagra (erectile dysfunction)
Zubsolv (opioid dependence)

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