On my way to get a book of stamps at Walgreens, I met Rob, the handyman.  Rob’s fallen on some hard times, but he has skills and is willing to work.  He told me he had a few jobs yesterday, but even though he did the work, he hasn’t been paid.  He also told me he tried to get a job at Home Depot, but was told they feared he would take side jobs.  Both Rob and I said at the same time:  “That doesn’t even make sense.”  I mean, a lot of people have more than one job.  But I said, well, I guess they were afraid you would underbid them for jobs.  And Rob’s like, they charge too much anyway.

Rob says he has his own tools, but he took the bus to this location, so he couldn’t bring them along.  I think I should mention that he freely admitted he likes to drink, but my observation was that he wasn’t drunk when I met him.  He said he wants to work instead of panhandling for money.

If you have work for Rob, his phone number is 505-410-0395.  He told me his email address is stunthawk007@yahoo.com.

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