Arachnoiditis – when the cure/treatment is worse than the disease

The injection was given and within hours my pain became elevated. I called the doctor and was told this is normal and not to be concerned…

I just want to say that this is not normal.  After an injection like this, the anesthetics used during the procedure last for hours, sometimes days.  Most patients report an initial lessening of pain, but no matter how long it lasts, it is short-term.

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Beth koyl 6 hours ago

So sorry to read of your story. Thank you for sharing and being a advocate. I have had too many injections,and they want to do more. I refuse. But then if you refuse, the Drs take that as refusing care,then don’t want to be your Dr anymore. It’s a vicious cycle. Luckily, I do not have the problems that you do. I now have a spinal cord stimulator, which, by the way, doesn’t help. Oh well….

Terri Lewis 16 hours ago

Thank you Tommy for your advocacy.

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