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I tried to make an “About” page on my blog, but it didn’t work.  So if you’re wondering, well, I hope this offers some explanations…



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seefleckrun said:  I’ve had to unfollow blogs for similar reasons: being overly negative, click-baiting, posting a dozen or more times daily, or our interests not meshing well…

I’ve been looking for a photo to visualize my feelings about my stats, but I haven’t been able to find one that looks like ambivalence.  See, my stats looked pretty good up until about a week or so ago, and now they’re just pitiful.  Well, not really, but that’s what the bars and graphs on my stats page tell me.  It’s hard not to care about approval ratings, it’s just difficult to see what the approval ratings really mean.

For instance, I know there are plenty of religious people who follow me, even though I’m an atheist.  And even though there isn’t much about religion that I like, I still check out these bloggers and try to find something on their sites to “like.”  (I’m not always successful.)  Also, because there are plenty of pain patients who are religious, I try to keep the anti-religious jokes to a minimum, even though so many of them make me laugh.  I like ironic humor, and religion is nothing but ironic.  And I heartily dislike hypocrisy, and well, religion can be quite the hypocrite.

Additionally, I’m guessing that most people who chose to follow my blog weren’t really prepared for the amount of daily activity here.  Almost all bloggers post less than I do, so it’s understandable if there’s just too much to see on my site, let alone “like,” for most people.

Then there are the followers who don’t have their own websites.  Who knows why these people chose to follow my blog, but it is a rather anonymous kind of activity, which could be either a good or bad thing.  Friend or foe?

I’m not that concerned about the number of “likes” I get, because it’s a hassle to click through everything just to get to the point of liking a post.  Plus, I see plenty of great blogs that don’t get any likes at all, yet have an incredible amount of traffic.  Not that I don’t sincerely appreciate every like that I get, thank you very much. 🙂

I am encouraged by the number of people who clink on the links I post, as this means I was able to interest them in reading further.  But I’m a little confused about the number of actual hits on my blog because followers don’t need to click through to the post to read it.  So I’m assuming if a follower just reads the post through the Reader, this doesn’t count as a visit.

All this to say that I was thinking about declaring a day of unfollowing — a day of amnesty.  It’s impossible to not feel let down when someone unfollows you, but it should be understandable, which for me, it is.  So please feel free to take this opportunity to unfollow me, and I promise not to be… disappointed. 🙂

As Josh so elegantly explained in the linked post, everyone has different reasons for blogging. I think of my blog as more of a website for chronic pain patients, not my own personal blog. More like a depository for issues that affect pain patients, including depression, addiction and suicide. But along with keeping pain patients updated on issues like the drug war, my posts include my own struggles as a pain patient, along with my attempts at different types of pain management. And I can certainly see why not everything on my blog is of interest to every person who follows me or visits.

My ambivalence about my stats is because I thought I was an interesting person.  I am just one of millions of pain patients on the internet, but I didn’t think my interests were that different from other pain patients.  And a lot of pain patients don’t have time to keep updated on issues that affect us.  But my stats say that I’m boring.  Boring, boring, boring.  And while my stats aren’t that important to me, I really don’t want to think of myself as boring.

I gave up on finding a photo that visualizes my ambivalence.  If anyone else wants to try, I, for one, would find that interesting.  Happy blogging. 😀

7 thoughts on “About Stats

  1. i am a newbie and all that fun stuff so just learning about stats and shittt…but what i wanted to say is that i do so enjoy your site you have here and i do read from the reader most of the subjects and click on the external links to read the stories that catch my eye… i find what you post very important and needs to be read since there is so much information that you find for us …thank you for taking the time to post all that you do i for one enjoy it….Suzette

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      • omg gurl……..you ok?…awww well if you are smiling through those tears then that is a good thing (that is what i have been told anyways) but if not and you need to talk i am here for you gurl…..and no need to thank me i am just me and i just say what i feel inside about a person or in my case i just speak openly…and we are getting to know eachother so i do care about you…you do make a difference in many ways to your post to your humor i love it all and that is all you…but anyways rough day today more than normal but i do what i do best and hang in there …anyways gurl you are most welcome and i thank you my dear..oh and i like suzy Q thank you for the nickname love it…

        Don’t forget you are special!!!! 😉

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  2. I really enjoy your posts. Your perspective makes you interesting and your voice makes you important. That said, I typically skip through some of your links because I have either already read them, or I hate to drive traffic to certain sites for my strong belief that they plagiarize. I’m not naming names, for fear of a libel suit. And I like your own posts better anyway.

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