School Quits Boston’s St. Patrick’s Parade Over Gay Marchers

For decades the organizers of the New York and Boston St. Patrick’s Day parades excluded openly gay groups from participating in their events, contending that allowing them to march would violate the beliefs of their Catholic faith, which holds that homosexual acts are immoral…

Predict This

Predicting a pain storm is like predicting the weather — sometimes you’re right, and sometimes you’re wrong. Sometimes you can hold off the thunder and lightning, and sometimes you have to ride out the storm… strap yourself to the ship’s mast and hang on for dear life.

My pain doesn’t have a schedule, nor can I predict when a storm will strike. Sure, sometimes increased physical activity can make it rain harder, but sometimes not. And yes, certain triggers can increase my TMJ pain, like chewing something I shouldn’t be eating, or even smiling too much. Sometimes triggers increase pain; sometimes they don’t. Makes me wonder if all my alleged triggers are really triggers after all…

My pain reminds me of the weather, and how weather forecasts are not always right… like predicting Mother Nature is an easy thing to do. For a pain patient, like trying to constantly analyze symptoms and activities in an effort to predict and prevent pain storms… sometimes the effort pays off, sometimes not. It appears the brain has a mind of it’s own.

It’s like how yesterday’s Snow Day turned into today’s sunset, above. All that snow has melted (with irritating cracking and dripping sounds all day long), giving my poor car a much needed bath. 🙂

Man Spends 10 Days in Hospital After iPhone Explodes in His Pocket

There have been other recent reports of exploding iPhones. In October, an Arizona man claimed his iPhone 6 burst into flames in his pocket following a minor rickshaw accident. Last February, a middle school student in Maine suffered minor injuries after her iPhone 5c exploded in her pocket.