Re: The shortage has ended!
I appreciate the update, and I’m glad the program is working for you. Sounds like you had a good harvest, too. I’m happy for you, lavieboo, I really am.

And I’m trying not to be bitter or angry about not having enough money to renew (even though I moved from Texas to join this program), or about having to manage constant pain with aspirin and sugar. About days of no sleep and negative thoughts I’d rather not have. About how hard it was to try and make the program work for me, when all that time and effort just left me penniless, with nowhere to legally turn to treat a 25-year intractable pain condition…

I’m so glad all of the 11,000 medical cannabis patients in New Mexico are happy with the program. Really, I am.

Painfully Alone and Desperate in Albuquerque,
Johnna Stahl

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