A Doctor Who Denies He’s a Kingpin


I hope someone realizes that not all of this doctor’s patients were faking — some have real chronic pain problems and some probably have addiction issues.  Where will these patients find help?

Legal Battle Rages Over Whether To Force 17-Year-Old Cancer Patient To Have Chemo


Cassandra underwent two chemotherapy treatments in November and then ran away from home and refused to continue treatments, according to the court summary.

A court hearing ensued in which Cassandra’s doctors testified, and she was removed from her mother’s home and placed in state custody so that the state could make medical decisions for her.

She has been has been living at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and forced to undergo chemotherapy for about three weeks.

It Was a Very Good Year for Drug Laws in California


In November voters passed Prop. 47 with 58 percent of the vote. The initiative means that low-weight possession of so-called “hard” drugs such as cocaine and LSD will be automatically treated as misdemeanors. The move will prevent imprisonment for thousands.

The sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine has been eliminated under the California Fair Sentencing Act (SB 1010). Crack users will get the same judicial treatment as powder users caught with the same weight in their pockets…

Legal Marijuana Could Drastically Change Native American Culture


The incarcerated Native population is twice that of their white counterparts and for youths that number is three times higher…

According to data collected by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Native Americans are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to be in need of treatment for substance abuse problems…

Evidence published by the University of Maryland suggests that there is a 10% increase in substance abuse, suicide, violent crime, theft, and bankruptcy when a new casino opens in town. The establishment of stable regulated marijuana industries on native lands has the potential to decentralize the monopoly that tribal gaming has acquired as the primary source of economic activity…

Another supplementary benefit of access to marijuana on native lands is that marijuana is increasingly being studied as a treatment option for alcoholism. Research published in BioMed Central’s Harm Reduction Journal indicates that of 350 cannabis users, 40% used cannabis to control their alcohol cravings…