States Continue Welfare Drug Tests Despite Underwhelming Results

More than a dozen states have approved welfare drug testing programs of one kind or another since 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and the proposals keep popping up, even though the results suggest that most of the people applying for benefits don’t test positive for drug use.

ThinkProgress reported earlier this year that welfare applicants appeared to be using drugs at a lower rate than the general population, based on the rate of positive drug test results from welfare testing schemes in seven states…

Have you been drug tested for welfare benefits? Filled out a screening questionnaire? Tell us about it — email Please include your phone number if you’re willing to be interviewed.

4 thoughts on “States Continue Welfare Drug Tests Despite Underwhelming Results

  1. Anything to humiliate the poor. When do we start drug testing our politicians? Before you get behind the wheel of my country, I want to know what you’re on.

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    • Most welfare people are abusing prescription drugs? I wouldn’t say that. As it says in the article, drug use in the Medicaid population is usually lower than in the general population. But I guess it would depend on what drugs they tested for. The problem with testing for illegal drugs is that many of those that show up in a urine test are the same as prescription drugs. In fact, just eating a poppy seed bun can give you a positive test for an opioid, just like taking a decongestant can show up in a drug test as meth.

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      • Maybe I should say it has been my experience, where I live, that I see more abuse of prescription drugs, then they usually add a lot of alcohol to the mix.
        Your right about the illegal drug testing. How can they say it’s down, when prescription drugs give the same results in drug testing? I suspect, as with all testing, there are discrepenceses, depending on numerous factors.

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