What One Man Did After His Ashley Madison Account Was Allegedly Exposed is Just Heartbreaking

According to the San Antonio Current, a city employee believed to have been exposed as part of the Ashley Madison account leak has since committed suicide.

Capt. Michael Gorhum, a 25-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department, killed himself Thursday with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, KSAT-TV reported. The Current was unable to verify, however, if the hack played any role in Gorhum’s suicide.

The following day, The San Antonio Express-News reported that three city employee email addresses were among those used to create accounts on the extramarital-affair website.

While it did not publish any of the email addresses in its article, it noted that one of them belonged to an SAPD captain. The paper also declined to state whether or not the employees’ email addresses were among those involved in the leak.

In a statement given to the Express-News on Friday, the city said that it was unable to verify if the addresses in question were legitimately used to access the site because the site does not verify user identities. They added that access to Ashley Madison and other similar sites is blocked on city computers through Internet filters.

Earlier this week, the Ashley Madison hackers uploaded the user profiles of the site’s 37 million members online, after the company declined to meet the hacker’s ransom demands.

Nearly 100,000 accounts were established in the San Antonio area before the site was hacked last month, putting it among the top 25 cities worldwide.

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