3 thoughts on “Pain patient afraid to say “no” to forced injections for CRPS

  1. My friend has been going through this for years. In order to get the pain meds that work for her (methadone) she has to submit to shots on a regular basis that do nothing for her. This is the quid pro quo her doctor requires so he can make extra $$$ off her.

    I know another lady whose husband owns an insurance agency and thus she has top-quality insurance. She has had 15 surgeries from the same doctor, who also prescribes a very high dose of Fentanyl for her. This doctor is known for not giving pain meds to anyone beyond a short course of low-level meds after surgery. When she finally balked at having another surgery, he said that he “couldn’t ethically prescribe pain meds to someone who wasn’t actively trying to get better.” In other words, no surgery, no drugs.

    This is why I am so cynical of this system and want to burn it to the ground with a flamethrower.

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    • Sometimes, all it takes is a different way of looking at things, a pleasant side effect of my favorite plant. Perhaps we could load the flamethrower with bud. If we freely allowed people in power to smoke a little pot (or forced them to with the bud flamethrower), maybe they could also expand their minds…

      Wars would end.
      Problems would be solved.
      We would evolve.
      (Stop laughing, it could happen.)


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