“Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”  Mark Twain

“If a huge number of people call for change, the government will have to react. If you want to avoid uprisings, or demonstrations, you need to respond to the people’s desperate need for change.”  Mohamed ElBaradei

“I read that book ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, got a bit desperate halfway through and ate it.”  Jo Brand

Photo taken 6/22/2015.

11 thoughts on “Desperate

      • You’d be surprised what people are willing to do to help someone, especially with an issue a lot of people want to force into the open. Besides, the other members are likely trying their best to afford their own expenses.

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        • I get the last part. And I wouldn’t expect the producers or administrators to help, they’re in it for the cash. I’ll be writing a fictional story soon, that is somewhat related.

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        • Sometimes letting it out is therapeutic, but only when I’m in a better place. And until I can figure out a way to keep cool. that better place is months away. This heat is seriously destroying me!

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        • Recently found out that our local electric company attached some newfangled power saving device on our air conditioners, which makes the air less cool from 1pm to 8pm. Just great. And the unit runs almost continuously during that time, making the constant loud and irritating noise of a central unit. Okay, it’s not as bad as having a swamp cooler, but still…

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        • My swamp cooler does okay….if you’re right next to it or where the air leaves the window. Right now, it is not working great because the sun is shining so hard on the filter pads. We are looking into getting a small window AC for the room next time I get paid.

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