PIC FROM Kerryn Parkinson/ NORFANZ founding parties/ CATERS – The unfortunately named blobfish – So you think you’ve had a bad day?…  spare a thought for the worlds most miserable-looking fish who is now in danger of being wiped out.

The unfortunately named blobfish has already acquired a reputation for looking sad thanks to its miserable mush. The bloated bottom dweller, which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 900m making it rarely seen by humans. But thanks to increasing fishing of the seas Down Under the fish is being dragged up with other catches.

Despite being unedible itself, the blobfish unluckily lives at the same depths as other more appetising ocean organisms, including crab and lobster.

13 thoughts on “Visualization Of Fibro Brain

        • “…a drunken, fluffy, blobby lump of useless jelly.” Your brain doesn’t have to be drunk to act like it. And I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people like alcohol so much, except that it’s legal. 🙂

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        • Yep, that’s my brain! You remember my words better than I do! And yeah, I never understood the alcohol to excess thing, either. And once I got allergic to it, it was a case of do not enjoy relaxing effects, do not get happy and giggly, go straight to excruciating hangover via immediate migraine and projectile vomiting, so really no point in me drinking anything. I can OCCASIONALLY tolerate (by which I mean, I don’t feel horribly ill within minutes) a vodka and tonic, or very occasionally half a glass of white wine, but that’s the exception. I envy people who can sit and relax with a drink in the evenings, I really do. I don’t get any relaxation in at all, part of the stupid fibro thing. On edge the whole time. Put anxiety on top, and most times I feel like I’m about to fall off a cliff. X

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