Don’t Be Fooled

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Reunion AI is a formulation of eleven therapeutic essential oils, each with specific properties to relieve symptoms. The original Reunion ISR formula contains nine oils…

Because, relief is partially dependent upon the reduction of inflammation, immediate relief may or may not be instantaneous. The user may need to apply Reunion AI several times a day before inflammation reduction is appreciated. Preliminary tests have validated the reduction of inflammation and associated pain…

Actually, massage (during application) — by itself — will reduce inflammation.

From Wikipedia:

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the “oil of” the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the “essence of” the plant’s fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived. Essential oils do not form a distinctive category for any medical, pharmacological, or culinary purpose. They are not essential for health.

Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam. Other processes include expression or solvent extraction. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, for flavoring food and drink, and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products.

Essential oils have been used medicinally in history. Medical applications proposed by those who sell medicinal oils range from skin treatments to remedies for cancer and often are based solely on historical accounts of use of essential oils for these purposes. Claims for the efficacy of medical treatments, and treatment of cancers in particular, are now subject to regulation in most countries…

Interest in essential oils has revived in recent decades with the popularity of aromatherapy, a branch of alternative medicine that claims that essential oils and other aromatic compounds have curative effects…

7/12/2011, Neuropathy Treatment Cited for Efficacy, Convenience, Economy

Cited by who?

Intense Spot Relief oil is a formulation of nine tropical oils each selected for its unique benefits and extracted using state of art processes for absolute purity and efficacy. The daily usage products utilize a nano-technology delivery system for encapsulation of the active ingredients and quick transdermal penetration.

I don’t know what a “nano-technology delivery system” is, but please be careful when you buy topical products, as some toxic (and banned) chemicals (like DMSO) are used to make absorption happen quicker.  This is from a New Mexican dispensary website (2014):

“We offer 4 different salve formualas working with cannabis in conjunction with a dozen other medicinal pain-relieving anti-inflammatory herbs, DMSO for deep penetration, 4 healing oils and a dozen essential oils.”

Due to the groundswell of 5-Star Customer Reviews, Pure Biomed was asked to participate in PAINWeek 2011. Reunion products are the only botanical pain relief products included in the Conference and are exhibited at the request of Aventineco management. PAINWeek is the National Conference on Pain for the Frontline Practitioner…

How many of those reviews were posted by Pure Biomed?

16 weeks 4 days ago reports 70% of back operations are NOT successful and leave the patient with considerable pain.  Much of that is due to inflammation, pinched nerves, etc.

I suggest you try Reunion AI … a topical pain reliever so you don’t metabolize any meds into your system.  Many Chiros are using Reunion AI and several of the Reviews are posted with their names.
I realize you posted this several years ago, but perhaps recent readers can benefit.

Good Luck!

Karl Douglass, Pres.
Pure Biomed, LLC


I’m just gonna call it like I see it, and the product being advertised on the National Pain Foundation website appears to be cosmetic in nature.  Aromatherapy is great, because things that smell good are, well, great; but it’s not medicine.  Take it from me, I use tons of fragrance oils, and they haven’t alleviated any of my pain.  Sure, many people use other essential oils derived from plants, not just fragrance oils… and these products may help mild pain, but…

And while I believe that great-smelling terpenes in cannabis have some medicinal effects, which I’ve experienced, I don’t believe the same for fragrance oils.  Which is probably one of the reasons why Reunion products are not that expensive.

In other words, purchase at your own risk.

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