Thinking of pain patients in Alabama

I’ve seen a lot of comments recently about the extreme difficulties that pain patients in Alabama are experiencing…

DAPHNE, AL (WKRG) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a raid operation at a pain clinic in Daphne on Friday morning…

As WKRG reported last year, the FBI raided Physician’s Pain Specialists of Alabama (PPSA) in Mobile, one of the largest pain clinics in the state.

The raid was part of “Operation Pillution,” an expansive, multi-state effort to investigate large pain centers accused of excessive prescription practices. Dr. John Patrick Couch and Dr. Xiulu Ruan of PPSA were arrested and charged for “dangerous” painkiller prescribing practices. Couch and Ruan were charged with the deaths of four people in connection to their practice…

It appears that the DEA has enlisted the FBI to help fight its war against opioids.

My comment:

How many patients was this doctor treating? How many are now going through tortuous withdrawal without any medical assistance? When will the DEA learn that you can’t close down a pain clinic without providing resources for the abandoned patients? How many heroin addicts did the DEA just create? How many suicides? Who can answer these questions? Apparently, not the media.

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