Trump needs money from poor people

I got an email from Donnie Trumpery asking me for a contribution to his campaign. Trump, begging for money from the poor, how funny is that? Here’s an excerpt:

Here’s what I’ll do during my first 100 days in office:

Appoint judges who will uphold our Constitution – this is so important;

Which parts of the Constitution are you talking about, Donnie? Guns, right? And removing women’s rights, no doubt. Here’s a clue: People who talk about upholding the Constitution are using that piece of paper (written on hemp by rich, white men during slavery) to defend beliefs and actions that are usually indefensible.

Lift the job-killing Obama restrictions on energy production;

I think anyone would agree that there are too many government restrictions on a lot of things. The thing is, these regulations are not always followed by corporations, with little punishment doled out for breaking the law. So, you want to get rid of regulations that aren’t always followed or enforced? Where is the logic in that? The regulations were created for a reason and that reason doesn’t go away when the regulations go away.

Repeal and replace Obamacare – it’s been an absolute DISASTER for families and small businesses.

And then what? You think a healthcare market without Obamacare would be better than the one we have now? I can see that the part of Obamacare which increased Medicaid enrollment has been a success for a lot of poor people (even though it hasn’t helped me). But I can also see that Obamacare hasn’t helped as many people in the middle-class. Who’s fault is that? Look at insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers, not President Obama.

Getting rid of Obamacare means that insurance companies would have even more power. Right now, patients are supposed to be protected from being abandoned by their insurance companies for a pre-existing condition. Mental health coverage is supposed to be protected. Discrimination against women in healthcare is supposed to be illegal. Which of these parts do you want to repeal?

Obamacare was a Republican plan, first enacted by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. And now, Republicans think that Donnie Trumpery will replace it with something better? I think almost everyone knows that something better does not exist, unless you’re a Republican and think that a “free” healthcare market is the solution. Go ahead, destroy the healthcare industry. Doctors will become obsolete that much quicker.

Change federal immigration rules to give our people the opportunity to fill good-paying jobs, and cancel regulations that send our jobs overseas;

Sure, immigrants are the reason for all of our problems. They take all of our good-paying jobs (as if those even existed anymore). And the regulations against hiring immigrants without documents haven’t stopped that practice, so what good are they?

Which regulations send our jobs overseas? Regulations about safety for employees and the environment? Should we hang suicide nets around manufacturing buildings, like in China?

If you’re an informed person, you’d know that the jobs which have come back to this country are not the same. Far from it. Why would anyone think that Donald Trump could fix that?

It seems like this whole election is really about jobs. Let’s look at how things were in the past, when people had good jobs.

My father worked for the same large corporation for his whole career as an electrical engineer (with a two-year degree provided by the military). My mother raised 6 girls, while making money on the side selling arts and crafts. While growing up, we had everything we needed. Today, there’s no way a family of 8 could support itself with one job.

Unfortunately, my father’s job couldn’t provide any of us with a college education. Only one of us went to college (and just recently paid off her college loan).

The benefits from this corporate job, along with government benefits, have provided my parents with a good retirement. They have everything they need. But it’s a different story for their 6 children.

The president cannot make corporations offer good jobs with good benefits. We cannot go back to the past. It’s gone. Get used to it.

What do I see? Take a walk with me…

I’m happy to report that my foot is getting better. So, let’s take a walk, shall we? It reached about 85 degrees yesterday, but the leaves know it’s fall.


Can’t even enjoy the fall leaves without being watched. (See the camera in the top right-hand corner.) At this point, I’m wondering if those watching are considering me suspicious. Am I casing the place? No, dude, I’m just an old woman, using her cheap camera to amuse herself.


Sometimes I think the purpose of my blog is only to amuse myself, but I’ve decided that I’m okay with that. 🙂





Mother Nature is like, ta-da!


These vines grow next to the garbage bin at my apartments.



If you stare at this plant for 30 seconds, it can hypnotize you. Go ahead, try it.


It didn’t work? Well, try this one… be the leaf.


This leaf is breaking out of jail. (No more drug war.)





Are you ready for Halloween?






I’m not the only one who needs a haircut.


Funny shadow. (Use your imagination.)


Attention Earthlings:  The Earth is not a trash can.







I took this photo while waiting at one of Albuquerque’s famously long red lights.





What a nice person you are to take this walk with me. I enjoyed your company.

The word of the day is trumpery: noun, attractive articles of little value or use; adjective, showy but worthless.