February 2013:

His Royal Badness stunned the audience when he strolled out to present the record of the year award to Gotye and Kimbra for “Somebody That I Used to Know” (and thrilled the singers when he casually announced, “I love this song”). But what was with the stylish cane he was toting? The reclusive musician won’t say, but we know this: Prince has suffered hip problems for years and reportedly needs a double hip replacement (some say he’s already had surgery on his hip in the past). As Prince is a Jehovah’s Witness, blood transfusions are against his beliefs, but it is possible to perform such an operation using other procedures. Still, as the London Guardian pointed out back in 2009, canes have been a part of Prince’s style closet since the 1990s — this is not a new look. He sure didn’t need it to walk, as was evident from his cool onstage strut.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” a source told the Hollywood Report’s Showbiz 411 blog this week. “[Prince] is popping pain killers and hoping it will all go away.” Prince’s hip problems were first reported in 2005, and in 2007 and 2008…

“Entertainment Tonight” co-host Kevin Frazier said on “CBS This Morning” Friday that Prince had hip replacement surgery in 2010 and also had issues with his ankles.

“People close to Prince tell me he struggled with painkillers due to his hip and ankle issues,” Frazier said, noting that for Prince to cancel a performance, as he did this month, “something was drastically wrong.”

“The hip and ankle issues were a problem for him for so long,” Frazier said, “and for a man who loved to move and dance so much, it really bothered him.” …

Prince, a Jehovah’s Witness, had a reputation for clean living. In 2009, he told an interviewer with the Los Angeles Times that he didn’t do drugs “or I’d give you a joint” to share while they listened to music…

A Minnesota sheriff whose deputies responded to an emergency medical call at Prince’s compound says his officers carry a medication that can be given to someone suffering a drug overdose, but did not use it during the call…

11 thoughts on “Prince in Pain

  1. Lots of good information gurl…or bad….
    I know Dr Drew said that he wouldn’t have died just from taking just an opiate he said there would have to be some benzo in the picture or something ….
    So many questions… and for such a very private man…..Oh I didn’t think that he was still a practicing JW ??? I always heard he led a clean life like eating and such …I wish he would have wrote some books to get into how he thought and beliefs things like that..anyways ..I did hear about his hip giving him problems and they said the cane was used just for props but I guess we don’t know the truth…. and should we have the right to know about his health? what about HIPPA?? I know he is a mega start mega talent that I don’t think that we ever got to see as in his whole talent not just what the songs say.. Do we have the right? to know about what the findings will be..just because he was a star … I mean I want to know but that is more of the medical person in me lol…

    Oh dad said what are all these singers high on drugs and a bunch of druggies …I told him if anything you take the same drug or drugs as maybe some of them lol… he’s not on opiate but on hydrocodone anyways I will shut up and not blab on lol…
    I think they should have done cpr longer…just me..
    also why are they taking his captions down on IG ? the one he had caption “just when you think your safe” …picture of him.. AND what about him saying save your prayers for a couple days ?? something like that…

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    • Dude, hydrocodone is an opiate. (In fact, it’s my favorite.) And you can tell your dad that some musicians work as hard as gymnasts or football players, suffering from many of the same injuries that can cause chronic pain.

      Hug ya back. 🙂

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      • Yes it is I meant to correct that lol…
        He just doesn’t get it at all..and how true that is.. I tell him he takes hydrocodone for his injuries but thinks that different he takes it from his line of work bad shoulders with mutiple operations on both but that is ok lol.. just because you take a pain medication doesn’t mean your a junkie the way he is coming across when he takes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grr lol and he knows this… he gets mad since you can tell when I give it to him about 30 minutes or l hour he is ready to start working or trying to or talking and talking lol.. sometimes his xanax will make him talk and talk too..but he is off that as of today.. The Dr is trying something else instead of xanax … He is seeing a new Dr for that and I am feeling her out he likes her that’s all that counts but I don’t want her over stepping his main MD ..I was way to sick to go to his last appointment on the 19th so I have to check the papers that he signed when I wasn’t there and he didn’t understand he said ..she read it out loud to him he said but that did no good so If I have to his next appointment I will show up in my freaking pj’s lol they know I do all his paper work and go into the room with the Dr since he has a really hard time..
        Anyways my dear I hope you head is feeling better I guess you have a hard head huh lolol…
        Did the hydrocodone work good for you?? I have been on and off and on and off lol… I feel like I take it and hope it works..I am sure it does I guess that I have just been so, so sick and hurting so bad and haven’t really told anyone except dad and better half they see me going down and for a long time now I’ve been so scared to tell you the truth just laying in bed get up for coffeeee and try to do paper work and down in bed around 3pm not so much sleeping but at times yes all day and night same thing worn out …but today was the first day in months and month that I was able to stay up and so I cleaned the fridge and other things but taking it easy lol. so scared since I felt like I was giving it my all just to breath and walk to the bathroom and shower…anyways just wanted to tell you whats been going on wanted to tell someone when I am not on here usually sick lol but I am putting efforts into cleaning the whole house and working my way to our home that is my goal..our goal..
        thank you for letting me vent on you page I seem to do that to your just trust you and know you can relate and tell me to shut the fuck up dude lol..or better yet SuzyQ lol..
        I HATE CHRONIC PAIN AND OTHER ILLNESSES may have to use a cuss card up here lol jk
        thank you for the hugggs gurl
        I can’t wait to remind dad about what you said above again ….lol

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        • Chronic pain is like a roller coaster that only goes down. Sometimes the descent is fast and sometimes it’s slow, which is why it still feels like you’re on a roller coaster, with ups and downs, even though you’re only going down. Only thing to do is enjoy the times when the roller coaster stops — you can get off, walk around a little, and don’t forget to smell the roses (or chocolate). 🙂

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        • you hit the nail on the head gurl…been sitting on the front porch yesterday and walking around the yard durning was nice to feel the wind on my skin and taking time for me to THINK and to FEEL and to JUST BE….
          I cleaned yesterday just a little but I go all out hard when I clean lol but I put a limit on myself and took breaks when needed and quit before I got to tired but I did get that done… Today I woke up and wanted to start another area to clean but dad and better half want me to take off today lol they said I need to go easy and not try to get everything done in a few days like I normally would soooo I may do a little job I do not want to ware myself down and out again but I also want it done lol..but again I remind myself it is not worth getting sick or sicker or more pain so I will wipe down the top cabinets and that will be it for today on cleaning…well shitters I can’t do that since the ceiling fans need done before I do from top to bottom lololol…I know I have a lot to go through with paper work files and my desk and clothes and, and && sooooooo on, on that lol….
          Well I just got done washing our bedroom door down with dish soap and part of the one hallway and THAT IS IT FOR CLEANING TODAY..not over doing it…so off come the work boots and clothes lol..
          Oh and speaking of smelling the roses my love took some roses from next door hehe but they died now lol and every morning I would smell them and through out the day and dad picked some flowers from his yard and so I had a vase of flowers oh how I love the smell of fresh flowers and YES I NEED TO TAKE MORE TIME FOR ME..NEXT BLOG POST LOL..practice for sure..
          Like I said in the beginning you hit the nail on the head with this one gurl!! I am reading it over again it just makes sense..yeah I guess that I am thick headed and of course want to always put others first…
          You Rock Gurl

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  2. I read that he might have overdosed on percocet. They had photos of him at Walgreens. That stuff is very strong! I’ve taken it a couple of times but only when I was in the hospital. They rarely even prescribe Vicodin anymore.

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    • I was hoping that he was able to try medical cannabis for his pain, but I know some people think of bud as a drug, while painkillers are “legitimate.” But then I thought of his age…

      And even though he was probably in great shape, you can’t constantly push your body like that and expect to also be able to manage the resulting pain. To effectively manage his pain, he probably would’ve had to stop performing. And he probably took a lot of painkillers so that he wouldn’t have to stop… But these drugs can only do so much, so he probably added other prescription drugs to boost the power of the painkillers… Yeah, I’ve been there.

      And now the anti-drug advocates will say we need even more restrictions on painkillers… And the drug war continues.

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      • Bud is way healthier than pain killers and even alcohol. I tell everyone that and they agree but then they turn around and say bud is bad. I’d rather smoke a bowl than take muscle relaxers any day. I can’t because I’m trying to get another job. Bud helps with sleeping, menstrual cramps and anxiety so much. It’s better than taking a sleeping pill or Xanax. Xanax is extremely hard to get off. I’ve read it could even be more addictive than heroin. I believe it.

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  3. I hate fuvkin pain
    I hate that I am living this now
    God dam intense
    I won’t go into all the details
    It’s just sucks
    I’ve been played up now for a month
    Miss you my friend
    Just dropped by to say hello
    Stick my head in the window
    Hopping to see you
    As always Sheldon

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    • Hello, dear Sheldon, thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the internet. And you don’t have to go into the details, because I’m right where you’re at. I’ve simplified and de-stressed my life as much as possible, but the pain is always there. The only thing left to do is enjoy my recent present from the Bud Fairy, as I never know when I’ll have any kind of relief again. Puff, puff, pass, Sheldon. 🙂

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