Small Claims Court

It might be time to consider filing a small claims lawsuit against your landlord. Many tenants find that it’s fairly simple to file a small claims court lawsuit once they know their state’s small claims court rules and procedures…

New Mexico Rental Laws

Thanks, Honey Maid

The word “wholesome” has taken on a rather less-than-wholesome connotation, suggesting a moralism that would largely reject sex positivity, gender fluidity, the right to choose, etc. Honey Maid is trying to change all that with its This Is Wholesome ad campaign, rebranding wholesomeness as acceptance and inclusivity. Its latest commercial, Mis Hijos — or My Children — does precisely that…

Duck City

Pain takes away your motivation to do anything, really. When you know that movement will only make the pain worse, you need even more motivation to be active. And because I have no current bud connection, it’s even harder for me to find this motivation. (Seriously, no one should have to live with pain like this.)

But, while the maintenance dudes were working on my toilet yesterday (don’t ask), I was able to make my way down to the duck pond, which I’ve christened “Duck City.” (Because Albuquerque is known as Duke City.)

DSC02868 (4)

DSC02836 (2)

DSC02850 (3)

Yes, I brought bread to feed the ducks, but that was before I did my research on what ducks like to eat:

Considering this article is all about healthy food and what ducks should eat (without consultation with the ducks), I chose the sweetest item on the menu — corn — and picked some up at the grocery store for the next feeding. Hopefully, this will give me the motivation to take another walk to Duck City…

(Photos taken yesterday.)