Free Cleanup Crew

Kara’s words. My photo. And don’t these ants look like they’re wearing space helmets? Ants or aliens? You decide.

Dear Alien Ants: ¬†When you take over, please remember that I didn’t stomp on any of ya’ll.

(Photo taken 4/15/2016.)

Because Butter

I made homemade rolls and garlic bread early this morning, because butter. And many hours later, my apartment still smells like baking bread. (Aromatherapy via yeast.)

01DSC03556 (2)

02DSC03565 (2)

03DSC03557 (2)

04DSC03536 (2)

In other news, there was a death in the family, caused by the freak accident of tripping over a piece of green thread (on the way to a buttered crumb). Rest in peace, Aunt Sara.

DSC03532 (2)

Celebrate butter this Sunday, and if you’re brave, every single day.