I haven’t done much walking around this week, except for some much-needed errands. Like to the pueblo to buy cigarettes, where I visited my friends, the buffalo.

DSC02576 (2)

DSC02611 (2)

I’ve named this one Brownie.

DSC02593 (3)

And to Walgreens, where I saw this magazine at the check-out counter.


Well, I thought it was a magazine, but considering the price, it appears to be a book.

DSC02703 (2)

Since it’s put out by the Mayo Clinic, I’m sure the section entitled “What you need to know about pain medications” is all about the fear of addiction. (Hey, Mayo Clinic, haven’t you ever heard of the internet, where information is free?)

While at my new local Walmart, I took a selfie of me, watching them, watching me.

DSC02700 (2)

This kind of surveillance makes me feel like a criminal, like Walmart expects me — or the people shopping around me — to steal something. Since this Walmart didn’t have a few of my favorite items (like Wyler’s Italian Ices, part of my home therapy — it’s a tasty ice pack for your mouth!), I asked the cashier if they could order them. She just shrugged.

I also stopped at Sprouts this week, where I buy all my fresh fruit and veggies, and where I found this odd-looking tangerine. It looked so sad, especially sitting next to the other oranges. I felt sorry for it, so I bought one.


After running into quite a few store employees with bad attitudes, I had a conversation with the lady working behind the deli counter at Sprouts. I asked her if she liked working there, and she said yes. She said she used to work at Starbucks, which she described as a great company to work for, and as an employer that really took care of its employees.

Driving home at sunset.


It’s supposed to rain today, and my car can’t wait. Right now, the wind is blowing fiercely through my opened window, banging the plastic blinds against each other and creating quite a racket. At 1am, all I can hear outside is the violence of the wind… it almost feels like the end of the world.

And on that note, Happy Friday. LOL.

3 thoughts on “What do I see? Take a walk with me…

  1. Haha 😀
    I can imagine you walking round talking to the cashiers, photographing oranges with cellulite, and having a ‘photograph’ off with the security camera.
    You’re brilliant woman, I love you! 🙂 🐻 💛 🍟 🍦🌷

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