What your phone says about your state of mind


By tracking the number of minutes you use your phone, the researchers claim they can get a clue about your emotional well-being. If you’re a normal, well-adjusted person, you use your phone about 17 minutes a day. If you’re depressed, you’re on it 68 minutes a day on average.

The researchers also get a clue from tracking your phone’s location. For example, if you spend most of your time in just a few locations, researchers say it increases the likelihood you’re depressed. The same holds true for irregular schedules, where an individual leaves the house and goes to work at different times each day…

Unlikely you say? Well, the Northwestern researchers put their theory to the test. Based on the phone sensor data which was collected, they said they could identify people with depressive symptoms with 87% accuracy…

The smart phone data was actually more accurate in detecting depression than asking people about how sad they were feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. Lead author Sohrob Saeb says that when you ask people that question, their answers are unreliable and not very precise. Their phone, on the other hand, doesn’t lie…

5 thoughts on “What your phone says about your state of mind

  1. Wait a minute: how can researchers insist the phone data is right and people’s own statements about whether they’re sad or not are wrong?

    This really bugs me – researchers claim they know better than we do what our mood is. It reminds me of my parents telling me (when I had a lifestyle they didn’t approve of): “You only think you’re happy.”

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  2. My neighbor in my new place is from Romania. He has been in country for two years and he is going to be moving to the city to be closer to his job and because he can’t take the isolation out here in the boonies. The guy spends almost all day when he is home standing outside with his cell and shouting on the phone to God knows who in Romanian (Dude, you talk so loud they can hear you in Romania without the phone!). He even walks up and down the road outside with his cell phone glued to his ear. I have never seen anyone so attached to their phone.

    I guess he is pretty depressed, being a young guy in a foreign country with no one to talk to but the birds and the bees. May you find peace, friendship and better cell phone reception in the city, dude 🙂

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