Greta appears to be a grasshopper, but when I googled images of grasshoppers, I couldn’t find one that looked like her.  Anyway, she looks like a bug to me (or maybe an alien).  And she looks a little sad…  I wonder, do grasshoppers get depressed?  As always, the internet has the answer:

Do grasshoppers sometimes get depression?

Best Answer: Research shows that insects may in fact get depression, and other types of dysfunctional mood patterns. You know their brains function “normally” because of experiments where they are given coffee, marijuana, cocaine, and sugar to see how they react. Spiders made completely different web styles because of how they were feeling so different, and made them spin out of control. Worms dug their way around the soil backwards, and species of flies kept flying out of control. So it is very possible, but there isn’t another evidence to support this yet.

Grasshoppers are a type of insect with long hind legs that can leap high into the air and fly. When you look at one of these strange bugs, you might find yourself asking, “What do grasshoppers eat?” It may not be readily apparent, as grasshoppers have a set of fierce-looking mandibles, or teeth, on the exterior of their faces, but grasshoppers are actually strict herbivores…

(Photo taken 10/18/2014.)

9 thoughts on “Meet Greta

  1. We believed as kids there was a $500 fine for killing a praying mantis. Turns out that this is an urban myth: nowhere in the US is it illegal to kill one. But it is interesting to wonder what devious conspiracy was hatched to make everyone believe this meme and thus fail to hurt them if not protect them 🙂

    We went out of our way to protect lady bugs even without the threat of a fine. A fine use of nomenclature (ladybird in the UK) to get people to protect a beneficial insect?

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    • I’ve found a few ladybugs in my photos, but not clear enough to post. They are a lot cuter than most bugs, that’s for sure, so maybe the name doesn’t matter in this case. 🙂


      • I once went to look at an apartment above a garage in Beacon, NY. The landlord showed me in and there were over 1,000 dead lady bugs piled up along the windows or on the floor besides them.

        All I could manage to say was “Uh….no.” Poor guys… I mean gals!

        Funny thing, when I moved up to the mountains many lady bugs lived in my firewood pile covered with snow where the outside temperature was -20F at night. I would bring firewood in with ice and snow covering the logs and stack them to defrost and dry out and would find lady bugs prancing about on the dried logs. How the hell they survived out there is a mystery.

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